Cash in Transit

Through the provision of Cash in Transit Services, Matrix adopts the inherent risk associated with the logistics of readily negotiable assets such as coin, notes and travellers cheques, allowing Clients to maintain their focus on core business. In almost all cases, Matrix utilises discrete, non-intrusive service delivery by way of non-uniformed, armed Security Officers. Aware that each business environment is unique, Matrix designs solutions appropriate to our client’s individual needs.

The Cash In Transit services which Matrix offers include:

  • Cash collection and delivery
  • Banking
  • Value airfreight services
  • Delivery of cash floats
  • Collection processing
  • ATM cashing and harvesting

Matrix services allow for comprehensive asset protection solutions and we encourage you to contact Matrix today to discuss your requirements.

Matrix’s services are fully tailored to your needs to provide you with peace of mind without interruption to your core business.